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Car Key Replacement

SAVE TODAY: Ask us about our $10 discount for seniors, military, and first responders (unlocks not included).

Need Keys For Yor Car, Van, Truck, Motorcycle, or RV? Call Us.

image of a new tibbe key we cut and fob we programed for a Jaguar (top) and 5 new flip keys we cut and programmed for a Ford Transit (bottom)

This local Jaguar owner was told they’d have to go to the dealer for a new tibbe key and remote (top), but we came to their house and cut the key and programmed the remote right in their driveway, all for a much more reasonable price. We can also make multiple copies of keys for your business vehicles like this Ford Transit van (bottom).

At Auto Lock Specialists, there’s nothing more important to us than getting a job done quickly and thoroughly for our clientele. We understand that when it comes to being able to get into your vehicle, you don’t have time to fluff around and wait for dealerships or red tape, which is why we offer 24-hour emergency service in order to get the job done fast.

What is Car Key Replacement?

Sometimes we experience key fob failures, a broken key, or they just end up lost or stolen and we need to get into our vehicle. When that occurs, there are usually two options that car owners can take. These include contacting your dealership and obtaining a vehicle that way, or contacting a third-party locksmith service like us. There are benefits to both methods, but the key differences are obvious. With us, we can get started immediately and come to you, but for dealerships, you’ll usually have to make your way to their premises, which can be an obstacle in itself.

Car Key Replacement Cost

Car key replacement in Sanford or Lake Mary can also be pretty expensive for certain vehicle models, especially those that are foreign-made or considered luxury vehicles. Dealerships can sometimes charge hundreds of dollars for key replacements, which isn’t a cheap price tag for something that most people consider to cost much less. At Auto Lock Specialists, we can usually offer faster service in replacing your key at much lower costs. Obviously, there are no guarantees, as we’ll need to see what kind of vehicle you have before we can give you an exact prices, they are usually much lower on average.

Car Key Services & VAT’s Key Replacement We Offer

While it might sound surprising, there are a lot of things that go into making car keys do what they do, and we can help fix a number of problems that can arrive with them. That includes services relating to the electronics of car keys and their different parts, including remote key heads and transponders, as well as key fobs. If you have issues locking or unlocking your vehicle, or with any of the other remote commands offered by most modern auto key sets, we might be able to diagnose and repair the issue.

We can also replace keys, cut new transponder keys, replace and repair key fobs, and provide key fob reprogramming and repairs for smart and intelligent keys. If you want to know more about any of the specific key-related services we offer in Sanford and Lake Mary, feel free to contact us.

Vehicle Types We Service

Obviously, different vehicle types have different types of keys, which can require different tools and equipment to fix or make changes. At Auto Lock Specialists, we use high-quality hardware to manufacture and repair all of our car keys, using factory OEM parts from brands like Kaba-Ilco and Strattec, ensuring the best possible service and keys that will hold up to the ones you get from a dealership. After all, just because you’re hiring a third party, it doesn’t mean the quality of work you’re getting should be reduced in any way.

We can make keys, fobs, remotes, chip keys, and transponder head keys for a wide range of domestic and foreign cars, vans, trucks, motorcycles, and even ATVs, including:

  • Acura Car Key Replacement
  • Audi Key Fob Duplicated
  • BMW Car Key Replacement
  • Buick Car Keys Replacement
  • Cadillac Car Key Repair
  • Chevrolet Key Replacement
  • Chrysler Key Fob Replacement
  • Dodge Key Fob Replacement
  • Ford Key Replacement
  • GMC car key Replacement
  • Honda Key Replacement
  • Hummer Car Key
  • Hyundai Key Replacement
  • Infiniti Car Key Replacement
  • Isuzu Car Key
  • Jaguar Key Fob Replacement
  • Jeep Key Replacement
  • Kia Key Replacement
  • Lexus Key Replacement
  • Lincoln Car Key Replacement
  • Mazda Key Replacement
  • Mercury Car Key
  • Tesla Mini car Key
  • Mitsubishi Key Fob Replacement
  • Nissan Key Fob Replacement
  • Oldsmobile car Key
  • Car Key Replacement Plymouth
  • Chicago Pontiac Repair
  • Range Rover Key
  • Saturn Key Replacement
  • Scion Car Key
  • Smart Key Replacement
  • Subaru Car Key
  • Suzuki Key
  • Toyota Key Replacement
  • Volkswagen Key Replacement
  • Volvo Key Fob Replacement
  • All makes and models of RVs
  • Motorcycles of all types
  • 4-wheelers

We’re Also Here For Your Sanford / Lake Mary Home and Business Locksmith Needs

In addition to cutting and programming new keys for your vehicles, we can also handle all your home and business locksmith needs. Our locksmith van is fully outfitted with all the professional tools and equipment needed to install or repair your home locks, rekey your existing locks to work with a new key, install panic devices and door closers on your commercial doors, and so much more. Call us today with any questions you have and we’ll be happy to give you a free quote.

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