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EEPROM Car Key Programming

SAVE TODAY: Ask us about our $10 discount for seniors, military, and first responders (unlocks not included).

We’re an Affordable Option For Car Key Programming

image of a portable computer for programming key fobs, remotes and transponder head keys

This customer lost all their keys, so we came out and reprogrammed their car’s computer to work with new keys, and we cut and programmed new keys and fobs for them right on site.

EEPROM (electrically erasable programmable read-only memory) sounds high-tech, but it’s the locksmith service many car owners need these days. When you lose that last car key or motorcycle key and there’s nothing to duplicate, you may be in for some serious sticker shock.  If you opt to have your car towed to the dealer you end up paying a hefty price to have the onboard computer reprogrammed and new keys cut. But you don’t have to pay those high dealership prices when you call Auto Lock Specialists. With our convenient mobile service, we can come to you when you need your car’s computer reflashed and new key fobs/remotes programmed.

The Car Technology You Enjoy While Driving Is In the Locks, Too

From Toyota and Lexus to BMW, Mercedes Benz, Audi, Land Rover, VW, and more, we can help you with your door and ignition locks no matter the make and model. In many cases, we can provide automotive key generation using our technological solutions, because we have the ability to reflash EEPROM key codes and perform car key programming on the spot. While dealers might offer expensive ECM and ECU replacement for a fresh start, if you’re looking for a locksmith with ECU and ECM programming near me, you know we have a better solution. In cases where you have the key and it fits and should work, call us for ECM repair and make the connection with your car’s computer again. You’ll take care of those error codes and avoid getting stuck by the ominously named “immobilizer” that protects your vehicle from theft, but can also immobilize you!

Looking for Locksmith ECU Programming Near Me?

If you’re in the Lake Mary and Sanford, FL area, Seminole County, and even a bit beyond, we’re the mobile reflash and programming service near me you’ve been looking for. We can reflash your computer, flash EEPROM codes to fix key problems, and perform car key programming to match, along with key fob or remote head key programming. We’re your local EEPROM locksmith, which many automotive enthusiasts know is the way to go when your car lock and key system is acting up, and if you don’t know, you’re in for a pleasant surprise as our car reprogramming service saves you plenty of time and money, expertly addressing the root of the problem.

Professional EEPROM Car Key Programming Near Me

Let Auto Locksmith Specialists take care of you. We’re a locally owned locksmith with over 25 years of experience, skilled at mechanical lock services, and adept with electronic vehicle locks as well. We use high-quality, reliable hardware and factory OEM parts from major brands like Kaba-Ilco and Strattec, and offer discounts for seniors, military, and first responders. With 24-hour emergency service, what you thought was an expensive and time-consuming car lock and key problem can be taken care of with EEPROM car computer reprogramming right away.

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