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Key Duplication

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We Can Make Copies of all your Home, Vehicle, and Business Keys

Getting duplicates of your keys made is one of the best ways you can prevent emergency service calls and the costs that come with them. Get your duplicate keys made today so you won’t need to see us tomorrow.

About Key-Making

Key cutter with two high-security automotive transponder head keys.

We can duplicate all types of keys for your door locks, file cabinets, safes, antique furniture locks, and all makes and models of automotive, motorcycle, RV, mobile home, and other vehicle keys. Here you see two high-security transponder head keys for a car.

Key duplication is done using specialized tools and machines. When a customer requests a duplicate key, the locksmith takes the key to their work table and cleans it. They then place key blanks into a vise on one side of a cutting machine and the original key into the vise on the other side of the machine to work as a guide.

With keys in parallel vises, the original key is moved alongside a guide and the machine cuts the blank so it’s identical or nearly identical to the original key. After cutting, the keys are removed from their vises and go through deburring to remove metal shards that can cut people and clothes or become dislodged in locks, making their tumblers freeze. Deburring is done using a small wire brush attached to a drill or Dremel tool.

When You Need a Locksmith

These days, some key-cutting machines are automated, or at least programmable. Other more complicated machines that use numerous tools to cut and grind away metal on keys can’t be automated yet or the cost of doing so is prohibitive. Many types of automotive keys require a licensed locksmith to duplicate, like dealer-only keys, keys by code, keys made from scratch, key fobs, etc.

Key duplication for simple house keys and older vehicles can be done at hardware stores, but those keys are often very rough and don’t work very well. Only a locksmith can create keys on site and cut high-security and laser-cut keys for you. Some locksmiths carry dual-cutting machines in their vans specifically to provide this service to customers in need. If you lose your original key, we can create another one for you.

A locksmith can do so much more than a key-cutting machine. They can cut keys using lasers, which is the best way to get the most accurate and well-fitting key. It takes specialized training to learn how to do laser cutting of keys, and the work is very intricate and painstaking. A locksmith is a specialist who can cut cylinder and mortise keys, which are the most popular, or high-security keys that are cut by laser. It’s somewhat rare for locksmiths to have laser machines, and we’ve made a significant investment in our business to be able to provide this service to customers.

We Can Duplicate All Types of Keys

If you’re in Florida and need high-security keys, we can help. Not only can we duplicate your auto keys for you, but we can also make copies of skeleton keys that unlock old furniture, antique keys for classic cars or old home locks, keys cut by code, any house keys, commercial door keys, and so much more. If you have an old freezer or safe that needs to be opened, a locksmith is an ideal person to bypass the locks or make keys for them so they can be opened.

Call Us For Your Emergency Key Issues

We provide emergency service calls 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. We’re here to help you get back into your car or house as quickly as possible. We understand that when you call for help, you need it as soon as possible. We make it a point to get to you quickly in your time of need. Call us now to learn about our rates, coverage area, and services we offer.


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